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· Drop-in replacement for well-known brand pumps

· Ability to program exact pump speeds for specific operations filtering,heating,cleaning,spa jets,water features and more minimize energy costs

· Safety lock-out feature prevents pump speed settings from being changed by unauthorized personnel.

· Oversized debris basket has extra leaf holding capacity for lessfrequent maintenance.

· Easier operation comparing with existing models,run under pre-programmed conditions:ECO/CLEAN/BOOST

· Built-in diagnostics protect the pump from the most common causes of failure-freezing and voltage irregularities.

· Permanent magnet motor provides extremely high efficient and reliability.

· Balanced hydraulics pump design,operates quietly,especially at energy-saving lower speeds.


This is the smartest swimming pool pump generation. Its onboard computer and intelligent software automatically calculate and program the minimum flow requirements for every pool task - filtering, heating, cleaning, spa jets, water features and more - to optimize performance and minimize energy use. As functions/tasks change, it self-adjusts to maintain optimal flow rates for further energy savings.

Technical Information
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