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Sales Policies

Claim Process

Summary of Splash Claim Process in 3 Steps:

1. Claim: Customer contacts Splash’s salesperson and provides completed details of the claim which includes:

· Information about the failed products e.g.the part number(s) and serial number(s)

· Description of the complaint/failure

· Pictures

2. Once the complaint is received, the product quality incident will then be reviewed by Splash’s Quality Department following the "Splash Warranty Policy" in the 2018 Splash Product Catalogue.

3. Conclusion: After the investigation is completed, Splash will inform the client accordingly.

Warranty Obligation

Splash  warrants any of above items from workmanship and / or material(s). Should a defect become evident during the term of warranty, Splash  will, at its option, repair or replace such item or part at its own cost and expense. Customer will need to follow the warranty claim procedures from Splash  in order to obtain the benefit of this warranty.

Splash  is not, however, responsible under this warranty for any cost of shipping or transportation of the equipment or parts thereof "to" or "from" our technical operations. Splash shall not be liable for any loss of time, inconvenience, incidental expenses such as labor cost, phone calls, legal cost or material cost incurred in connection with the replacement or removal of the equipment, and any other consequential or incidental damage on persons or assets. Splash  will not be responsible for any business profit loss due to operation stop and the non-conformity product equipment. No indemnity or damages can be claimed on any account whatever.

Warranty or Representations by Others

No client or other person has the authority to provide any warranty on behalf of Splash  or its brands. Accordingly, Splash. is not responsible for any such warranty or representation.  Splash Warranty Policy (2016/2017): This document supersedes all previous version of our statements / publications.

Splash reserves the final right to exercise all warranties in case of disputes.